French phone lessons

French telephone lessons

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French Phone Lessons

We offer classes by phone or webcam

    • Speaking sessions on chosen themes;
    • Grammar and vocabulary classes on demand;
    • Everything is done through the phone!

Telephone lessons allow you to be in situation. Far more efficient than role-plays because you speak French in a real-life situation and therefore you progress faster.

But all your needs are taken into account: grammar and vocabulary exercises are sent to you by email.

A specific curriculum for each student is developed according to his needs and demands.

Learn quietly sitting in your chair in front of your computer with a real French speaker! Travel mentally with LES BELLES LETTRES DE MARIE !

Duration of classes: 30 minutes minimum (or as long as you want to talk!)

Contact LES BELLES LETTRES DE MARIE for more information or for a quote

LES BELLES LETTRES DE MARIE - 1A rue de Valserres 05000 Gap France - 0492671239 - 0699171951